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BRIGHTPOWER BOOKS Opens more stores at Terminal 3 of BCIA
2017/7/8 8:55:00



       Forthe purposes of further meeting passengers’ shopping demand in Beijing CapitalInternational Airport (“BCIA”) and providing passengers with more shoppingchoices, two BRIGHTPOWER BOOKS bookstores are opened at Terminal 3 recently.

       Thetwo newly opened bookstores are close to Gate C26 in the secured area and thedomestic arrival section of the arrival hall on the second floor at Terminal 3respectively. The style of the stores is bright and concise, while books aredisplayed by category on bookshelves. Store assistants are appropriatelytrained and can recommend various books according to passengers’ demand. Webelieve that walking along the bookshelves in such bookstores can bringpassengers pleasant reading and shopping experiences.

      According to sources,BRIGHTPOWER BOOKS is a chain bookstore brand held by Bright Power (Beijing)Culture Media Co., Ltd. (“Bright Power”) The brand focuses on the marketsrelating to the airports- and high-speed railways-based travel industry, and fullyleverages the powerful foot traffic strengths of airports and high-speedrailway stations. By now, the company has grown into one of China’s largecultural creativity enterprises featuring specialized and industrializedoperations. Over the pastdecade,the company has been sticking to its development vision, namely, taking thelead among bookstores in airports and high-speed railway stations andinnovating the cultural life of business travelers. Today, the company hasopened more than 200 bookstores in airports and high-speed railway stationsacross China.

       Overrecent years, many businessmen and travelers have chosen to spend the leisuretime in their trips in reading. The opening of these two bookstores establishesa platform of cultural exchanges, strengthens cultural exchanges in one ofChina’s key gateways, offering conveniences and services to passengers, andgradually allows the bookstores to become a window boosting the culturalexchanges between BCIA and domestic and overseas passengers. Going forward,nine more BRIGHTPOWER BOOKS bookstores will be opened in and outside of thesecured area at Terminal 3 of BCIA, which will strengthen cultural exchanges inone of China’s key gateways and further meet passengers’ demand for culturalproducts.  


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