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Colette Malouf Jewelry Store Opens at Terminal 3
2017/7/30 20:00:00



       In order to optimize the commercial resourcesof Beijing Capital International Airport (“BCIA”) and to meet passengers’ demands,YHWX Colette Malouf Jewelry Store opened at Terminal 3 of BCIA recently.

       The newlyopened YHWX Colette Malouf Jewelry Store is located close to Gate C29 – C32 in westernside of the secured area at Terminal 3, covers an area of 40 square meters, andsells jewelries under the brand of YHWX. The store is decorated in a concisestyle, bright and tidy, highlighting YHWX brand’s special designer taste andnaturalness.

       YHWX jewelrycreates a sense of misty and graceful beauty by smartly combining naturalelements, such as flowers, willow branches with simple graphic, fine detailsand gracefully contrasting colors. This unique sense of beauty capturescustomers’ mind and buying desire.

       YHWX JewelryStore, together with its neighboring stores opened by other internationalbrands, such as Estée Lauder, Clinique and Swarovski, helps improve the imageof the retail section at Terminal 3, upgrading the area dominated by conveniencestores to an area featuring boutiques of international brands, and continuouslydiversifying passengers’ shopping experiences. Going forward, BeijingCapital Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. (“ACT”) will continue wellintegrating and planning the brand portfolios at different terminals of BCIAand keep meeting passengers’ shopping demand.


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