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Relay Bookstore’s First Opening in BCIA
2017/7/3 11:05:00



       Recently four Relay bookstores wereopened successively in the secured areas at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 ofBeijing Capital International Airport (“BCIA”) so as to provide passengers withmore shopping options and make their waiting time more pleasant.

       The four newlyopened Relay bookstores are located in the secured areas at Terminal 1 andTerminal 2 of BCIA with a stylish store image. The bright red color is veryeye-catching. Books and magazines, covering an extensive range, from finance totravel and from best sellers to children’s books, are displayed on the shelvesin good order. Customers can choose their own favorite books, which will be agood company of their long waiting time.

      It is reportedthat as a chain bookstore brand ran by Lagardère, Relay mainly opens bookstoresin airports and high-speed train stations, and boasts good experience intraveling retail management. In the future, Relay will further open eightstores at Terminal 1 and 2 accordingly and will strengthen the culture exchangesin one of China’s key gateways, providing passengers with more options andbringing them pleasant shopping experiences.

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